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My New Life!

Look at me! My life is so much better!

November 3, 2002
Pictures of me at 180 pounds are comming very soon!
So far I am doing good with a few exceptions.  My blood pressure has
become a problem. My doctor has it under control, but I had hoped
to live my life with only the basics like acetaminophen, or something
for sinus problems.
Another problem I have developed, there is an ulcer around where the staples
in my stomach are, actually around the entire area where the staples are. That
has been pretty painful, but the doctor says that stress is the cause of that. I
have a tendancy to be a worry wart.  My family has always told me that but it
is starting to manifest itself I guess...
It has been too wet and raining to go walking. Without walking, my weight is harder to control. Also the fluxuation may be due to the blood pressure medicines. Only by a few pounds either way, but I think until when the rain stops...there is more progress to be made, and maybe we will have the blood pressure under control again..
 I cant tell you how much better it is to be able to walk from the car to a store and have lots more strength and energy to keep on going! I went with my daughter to the mall a few weeks back, and we had a real good time. Oh and I got to go in and see one of my granddaughter's favorite stores! I wish the mall wasnt  so far away from  my home or I might be one of those "Mall Walkers" that you hear about...!!!
Also, my stomach still remains a bit sore at times, but it is getting a little better every day!

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